Industrial Ethernet Tester

Industrial Ethernet Tester

All-In-One - The Functionality of Three Tools Combined in One:

As “cable tester”, the unit checks the network for short circuits, continuity.and incorrect wiring. It locates any existing cabling problems, even in power-over-Ethernet installations. The “protocol analyzer” functionality monitors the data communication on the network. Configurable data filters help a user to quickly identify and correct complex problems. The unit stores up-to 10,000 data packets that can be downloaded to the PC for further analysis using PROFINET Diag Suite. The “traffic generator” feature tests the robustness of an installation by injecting different levels of traffic load.

Few Buttons, Easy-to-Understand, and Easy-to-Use Menu:

After power-up this compact and extremely robust unit is controlled using a color touch screen. The intuitive and easy-to-use menu facilitates quick tests. On the display, the test results are clear and easy to read. The integrated help system provides assistance whenever you need it. In “Expert Mode” you will find additional details and useful troubleshooting tips in plain text.

Bandwidth Check for Robust Operation:

Industrial Ethernet networks must offer a minimum bandwidth to permit real-time data traffic. The Industrial Ethernet Tester BC-200-ETH determines the performance of a network and displays the result sorted by protocols and network nodes. This allows identifying and correcting potential problems well in advance. The Industrial Ethernet Tester BC-200-ETH is able to execute a standardized stress test according to RFC2455. The results can be used as part of a certificate