PROFIBUS Tester 4:

The PROFIBUS Tester 4 BC-600-PB is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing the cables, measuring the signals and analyzing the communication of PROFIBUS networks. It combines Signal Tester, Protocol Analyzer, Storage Oscilloscope


  • Time saving because it is easy to use and results are self-explanatory.
  • Cost saving, no expert knowledge necessary
  • Functions:

  • Full bus testing without a Notebook and without operative PLC possible
  • Bus-check possible during running operation
  • Combines the diagnostic functions of previously separate tools in one device
  • With a single mouse click (PC mode) or a single push of a button (stand-alone mode) a full examination of a PROFIBUS network is initiated
  • The PC software provides many additional features for executing, analyzing, and managing bus tests.
  • A status bar continually shows the current bus state
  • The Topology Scan feature determines the overall cable length and the cable length between slaves
  • Detailed test report
  • The Long-Term Trend view is used for detecting sporadic faults
  • In the oscilloscope and frame analyzer views, experts can perform in-depth detailed analysis
  • For bus and device tests without operative PLC, only the baud rate needs to be specified no configuration or parameterization is required.