• 24Vdc power source
  • Data signals amplification
  • 32 devices per segment
  • Compatible with 9.6kbps to 12Mbps

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Application


The Multi-channel Spur/Repeater Profibus DP HDP-210 enables the expansion and the consequent regeneration of the RS-485 communication signal, amplify data signals and couple Profibus DP network segments by branches.

Their main application are isolate noisy channels and segment the Profibus bus, while allowing better network structure layout.

Hardware Specifications
Composition: 24Vdc power source
5 channels galvanically isolated from the master.
Data signals amplification
Anti-glitch filter for the transmission signal
32 devices per segment
Compatible with 9.6kbps to 12Mbps Baud and AutoBaud rates: Supports Profibus DP e FMS protocols
No addressing is necessary
1 power supply indication LED
2 bus status LEDs for secondary channel and master.Â
1Â Profibus DP frontal DB9 connector for secondary channel and master
2 A/B SD and SI and A’/B’ SD’ signals connectorsÂ
1 A/B SD and SI connector by screw terminal blocks for secondary channelsÂ
2 A/B SD and SI and A’/B’ SD’ signals connectorsÂ
1 A/B SD and SI connector for screw terminal blocks signals for secondary channelsÂ
Compact and low profiled
Secondary channel connection up to 6 HUBs in cascade

Consumption: 6VA
Power Supply: 9 ~ 28,8 Vdc
Comunication: Profibus DP, DP-V1, DP-V2,
PROFIdrive, MPI etc
Material: Aluminum case and lateral
covers in PA 6.6-FR
(Flame-resistant Polyamide)
Fixation: DIN 35mm rail
Degree of Protection: IP-20
Dimension: 75,4 x 104 x 58,5mm

find this TheProfibusDP HUBHDP-210should be used in the following situations:

  • If More than 32 connected nodes in the bus.
  • If the segments can’t be connected in any manner at a given shield or common ground.
  • If the maximum cable length estimated by the baud rate of the configurationhas been reached;
  • If there is a need to branch the bus on multiple buses in different directions.

In the Figure1a typical application of theHDP-210is illustrated.

Due to the characteristic impedance of RS-485 transceivers to be around 12K,care must be taken to use a maximum of32 nodes per network segment, to notcompromising the communication channel. Therefore, to increase the scale of the network repeaters should be used.

In some circumstances, ground loops are present in the bus segments and must be canceled, thus as theHDP-210HUB has 5 isolated communication channels, its is possible to solve manyproblems of the physical layer.

When the cable length limit by the communication speed is reached, theHDP-210HUB assists in the configuration of fastand big networks, with amplifying and regenerating the data signal.

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