• 24Vdc Power Supply
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Cable A ac. EN50170
  • 1 power supply indication LED

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Application


Profibus TDP-100 Terminator is an active terminator created to make possible handling any communication bus node in full operation. Thus the nodes can be turned off, removed or replaced without harming the transfer of data from the other nodes. The devices on both ends of the net can be removed without affecting the intermediary nodes, whose termination ends must stay constantly turned on.

The Profibus DP Terminator can be mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail. An indication LED indicates the status of the 24V source and the correct bus operation.

The Power supply and the communication cables are connected by terminals with fixed screws and also the Profibus bus can be accessed by a DB9 connector.

Hardware Specifications
Reference: TDP-100
Composition: 24Vdc Power Supply
Galvanic Isolation
Cable A ac. EN50170
1 power supply indication LED
1 Profibus DP frontal DB9 connector
1 connector per Profibus DP terminal block
Supports all Profibus protocols: DP, DP-V1, DP-V2, PROFIdrive, MPI, etc.
Baud Rates: 9.6K, 19.2K, 45.45K, 93.75K, 187.5K, 500K, 1.5M, 3M, 6M and 12M
Fixation: DIN35 rail (DIN EN 60715 TH35)
Material: ABS plastic
Dimension: 94 x 27 x 77,5mm

partnersuche kostenlos raum augsburg The ProfibusDP RepeaterHDP-200 should be used in the following situations

  • If More than 32 connected nodes in the bus.
  • If the segments can’t be connected in any manner at a given shield or common ground.
  • If the maximum cable length estimated by the baud rate of the configuration, has been reached by the RS-485standard.

In the Figure1,a typical application of theHDP-200is illustrated.

Due to the characteristic impedance of RS-485 transceivers to be around 12K,care must be taken to use a maximum of32 nodes per network segment, to notcompromising the communication channel.

Therefore, to increase the scale of the network repeaters should be used.In some circumstances, ground loops are present in the bus segments and must be canceled, thus as the HDP-200repeater has 2 isolated communication channels, it is possible to solve many problems of the physical layer.

When the cable length limit by the communication speed is reached, the HDP-200 repeater assists in the configuration of fastand big networks, with amplifying and regenerating the data signal.

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