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Profibus Gateway

ODOT-DPM0l gateway is a Modbus-RTU/ASCII to PROFIBUS-DP protocol converter. This product can connect Modbus device to Siemens PLC(S7-300/1200/1500/400) with PROFIBUS-DP communication interface or DCS system with DP master. It adopts aluminum alloy shell with firm design and supports DIN-rail installation. All serial signal provides built-in photoelectric isolation.

ODOT-S7MPI V2.0 is used for Siemens SMART 200/S7-200/S7-300/S7-400/Siemens CNC840D,840DSL, HEXIN, EWE PLC’s PPI/MPI/ PROFIBUS interface conversion into Ethernet fordata acquisition, which is very convenient forthe construction of production management system.