Gigabit Ethernet Switch

BBCPL Industrial Ethernet equipment is compliant with various industrial protocols and ITS certifications such as MQTT, Modbus, SCADA, EtherCAT EN50155 and E-Mark to meet all the transmission needs, be it Information, Control or Device. BBCPL features ERPS Ring, IEEE 1588 PTP, Layer 3 routing, 10G transmissions, cybersecurity and more to ensure high performance and security of our comprehensive Industrial Ethernet collection.

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We Provide Gigabit Ethernet Switches such as IGS-501T, IGS-801T, IGS-620TF.
We Serve all these Gigabit Ethernet Switches in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Thane, Indore, Jaipur, Nagpur, Mangalore, Nashik, Coimbatore, Bhopal, Baroda, Surat, Ahmedabad, GOA, Gurgaon, PAN India