Profibus Audit Services
We will be using Profibus Tester 4/5 for audit. Profibus Tester is a Mobile Testing unit. It is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing cables, measuring signals and analyzing communication of any LIVE Profibus networks. Diagnosis will be done by connecting the Profibus Tester to a LIVE network.

BluBoxx Scope

  • Offline test
  • Physical inspection referring Network Architecture.
  • Checking node to node physical installation (visual testing)

Online test

  • Logical telegram monitoring on abnormalities of telegram behavior like error telegrams, telegram repetitions, diagnoses.
  • Signal Quality monitoring basis of predefined quality characteristics e.g. edge steepness, level and glitches.
  • Check of the communication quality.


  • Submit detailed Measurement report

Client Scope

  • Provide network architecture/ connection diagram of the Profibus n/w prior to the visit.
  • Assist/help BlueBox Engineer in testing the Profibus n/w.
  • Connection points to be made available for connection of Profibus Tester.
  • Make changes to the n/w as suggested by BlueBox Engineer.
  • Take shutdown if necessary.