Transparent remote access to machines and plants

With the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN, INSYS icom offers a managed service that enables OpenVPN-enabled routers, PCs and other devices to communicate in a secure VPN environment.

The integration and administration of the devices is very simple: Configuration files and certificates are generated by the service and, automatically uploaded to INSYS icom routers thanks to the Quick Start Wizard.
You neither require your own infrastructure nor an IT specialists.

NEW: Two-Factor Authentication and China VPN
New highlights make the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN much more than a simple VPN service.

  • The Two-Factor Authentication on iCS-Portal provides even more security and uses the TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) technology.
  • Using China VPN, the connection between the VPN solution hosted in Germany and INSYS icom routers on the Chinese mainland is legally permitted.

Your benefits

User-friendliness :

  • Simply register the INSYS router in the portal and connect it to the VPN after a quick start with all the necessary settings.

Group management :

  • Assign devices to different groups and control the connections within and between these groups. Access to protocols, devices or ports can be restricted.

Network monitoring :

  • Monitor the availability of individual routers integrated into the VPN and the devices and applications behind them.
  • Notifications can optionally be sent by email or text message.

Data security :

  • A secure thing? The complete hosting takes place in a German, ISO 27001-certified data centre.